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My Fair Lady


Coming March 1-17, 2019

Director: Alex Schwarz
Producer: Ben Morey

Henry Higgins…. To Be Determined
Eliza Doolittle…. Amariah Gesinski
Colonel Pickering….. Randy Hemphill
Mrs. Higgins….. Pam Wistrand
Freddy Eynsford-Hill…. Matt Harms
Mrs. Pearce…. Erica Morey
Alfred P. Doolittle…. Max Stratman
Harry/Prof. Zoltan Karpathy…. Tim Kingsley
Jamie…. Roy Lawton
Ensemble…. Mary Braun, Sophia Braun, Vinnie Cheatham, Kari Foss, Julia Rust, Ian Sinsel, Dakota Wilson

“My Fair Lady” – Character descriptions

Eliza Doolittle – Soprano, female, British, cockney, sells flowers on affluent streets of London to make ends meet. Street smart and tough with strong temper, vulnerable though

Henry Higgins – Baritone, male, British, very affluent bachelor, famous phonetics expert, teacher and author

Colonel Pickering – Baritone, male, retired British officer. Author of Spoken Sanskrit

Alfred Doolittle – Baritone, male, Eliza’s father, cockney, British, a spirited dustman, likes to frequent London pubs

Mrs. Pearce – Alto/Mezzo, Female, housekeeper for Henry Higgins, has sensitivities that cross all sections of greater London

Freddy Eynsford-Hill – Tenor/Baritone, male, affluent young man, has a crush on Eliza Doolittle, has a strong vulnerability, impressionable

Mrs. Higgins – Alto/Mezzo, female, Henry Higgins mother, affluent Londoner

Harry – Bass/Baritone, male, friend to Alfred Doolittle

Ensemble roles (some have speaking lines)
Professor Zoltan Karpathy (Hungarian, handsome)
Flower girls
Bar patrons
Market vendors and customers
Lord Boxington – (Ascot race patron)
Mrs. Hopkins (Cockney)
Mrs. Eynesford-Hill
Queen of Transylvania
Ambassador and Wife
Dr. Themistocles Stephanos
Ascot race patrons and employees
Embassy ball guests, Covent Garden crowd, Tottenham Court Crow

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