MCP formed from an ad placed in the Minden Courier in May of 1984 by Susan Hoff, inviting anyone interested in forming a community theater to come forward. The ad also introduced the name of the first MCP production: Oklahoma. A cast was selected, and the first performance was on August 1st. The show was a huge success and we were off to a great start.

From that day forward the Minden Community Players have enjoyed bringing more than forty major musical and theatrical productions to local stages.

Our organization is a non-profit corporation governed by an all-volunteer board of directors. We constantly strive to provide high quality entertainment at a reasonable cost. To aid in this effort, we solicit the support of many patrons who champion our efforts with donations of money, materials, and equipment. Their help enables us, in turn, to supply equipment and support, as needed, for school productions and community events. Another result of community support and hard work is our scholarship program that touches graduating seniors with an interest in the arts.
Many of our members are also members of almost every church and civic-minded organization in the area. Our talent pool spans all ages, professions, and economic classes. If we count all the production, construction, instrumental, lighting, audio, advertising, and other volunteers, the Minden Community Players have tapped the efforts of thousands of people.

Our productions are presented on the Minden Opera House stage in Minden, Nebraska. The beautiful
artwork and historical ambience given is an exceptional place for MCP to perform.
We encourage everyone to become a memorable part of this time in the life of Minden. As always. we invite anyone who is interested in being a part of our family to contact us any time during the year. We actively seek new talents and new blood. We have something for everyone: singing, acting, and support staffing. Financial contributions are always appreciated, and perhaps you could even produce or direct your favorite show!

This is how we became who we are today.
People just like you thought, “I wish I could…..” and later were able to say, “I DID.”

V AACTFest in Liberty, Missouri.

The Nebraska Association of Community Theatres was founded in 1966, and is dedicated to cultivate and encourage, through information and networking, the growth of and development of community theatre throughout Nebraska.

The Minden Community Players production of the farce “Take Five” took first place at the 2007 NACT Festival, a first for the players. We went on to represent Nebraska at the 2007 Region.

In 2008, MCP performed “Cirrius, NE” for the NACT Festival in North Platte at the Fox Theater. We had a great time putting on the play for the festival.

Tickets can be ordered securely through this website.